·         Concrete repairs

All Clear Abseiling works closely with Engineers to repair concrete cancers, rust spots, cracks, seepage etc.

·         Core drilling

All Clear have a full array of core drilling equipment.

·         Insurance & storm damage claims

All Clear can provide immediate response to any disaster or mishap. Always providing a fast and safe solution to any unique problem in inaccessible areas.

·         Joint sealing & waterproofing

All Clear can apply waterproofing coats ensuring your building stays dry. They can also cork leaking windows or frames. We also repair tired seals.

·         Painting

All Clear Abseiling have staff experienced in all aspects of painting from signs, touch-up's, texture coats and complete building re-paints.

·         Pest control - vegetation, bird spikes, nets & wire

We can provide advice on all pest control matters. Whether it be removal of nests, installation of bird spikes, nets & wire. All Clear provide a solution to all pesty problems. We can perform regular grooming/weeding of your garden beds in all inaccessible areas.